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Microservices Architecture For Sustainable Modernization

We Resilience Your Complex Application

Why Grupdev?

In enterprise software development, Microservices Architecture is a collection of small, independent services that support strategic business goals by executing unique processes and communicating through well-defined, lightweight mechanisms.

It is an adaptation of service-oriented architecture (SOA) for developing large applications in which services are grained into chunks under the business domain. For authorization, we use JSON Web Tokens.

Monolithic architectures have been the traditional approach, but limitations with scaling, difficulties in maintaining a large codebase, high-risk upgrades, So, we replace them with microservices architecture to avoid such regular issues and give way simpler solutions to much complex problems.

Microservices Frameworks

Organize around business capabilities

When comparing a microservice vs monolithic element, one of the core differences is that a microservice has a separate database, set of processes, user interface, and external collaborators. Thus, our team is responsible for a microservice that usually includes multiple roles.

Our Deployment Use-Cases.

We help you use microservices to improve scalability and productivity, and to integrate well with legacy systems, and to work on cross-function Server-less App Development Consulting
functionality to make quick decisions.

Products, not projects

Amazon popularized the you build it, you run it paradigm, meaning developers should take full responsibility for managing a microservice as a product. 

This includes responding to customer feedback, providing support, and doing ongoing maintenance.

Design for failure

This principle was largely popularized by Netflix. 

The key idea here is that microservices should have high failure tolerance both individually and in combination so that the failure of a single service doesn’t create a domino effect throughout the entire app.

Benefits of working with Grupdev

Optimized Business process

Business models and in-house processes vary from organization to organization. Change in organizational processes is very challenging, regardless of the efficiency and size of the company. We design and develop the software that aligns with your business model and synchronizes with the organizational unique structure. Our software development supports optimizing your business process rather than replacing them.


To be successful in the market, reliability is the key factor. We can withstand all the pressures and ensure that your business grows exponentially. Our operational environment is way simpler and more open to new ideas. By thorough testing of your software, we make sure you have a reliable IT development company to support


A major modern threat for many B2B and B2C companies is security. It may even affect the customers’ privacy by a data breach. Matching end-users expectations is always a challenge, but then, we are completely dedicated to the security protocols and ensure safe online transactions at all times, which avoids unexpected troubles.


Based on the approaches and implementations of your software development process the cost and the timeline would change. We are here to design and develop good quality software by assessing the go-to-market timeline within your budget and the funds availability. An affordable organized software development service is always on demand in the market.

Industries we serve

Technologies we use

We use reliable and efficient software development technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing, and the Internet of Things to provide our clients with powerful tech solutions that help them stay on top of the competition.

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