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Grupdev is a 24x7 DevOps team for hire

Extend your Ops team by letting us step in and take charge of everyday tasks.

Managed Kubernetes

Whatever your need is managed Kube or onprem kube we deliver highly available, fault-tolerant and reliant kubernetes cluster architecutre. Our on-call team can provide 24x7 support.

Infrastructure as code

Cloud Infrastructure orchestration through terraform, ansible as well as on provisioning through tools like chef, puppet. We provide a fully automated end to end Infrastructure management for your needs.


We use Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI, TeamCity, TFS and other tools to setup Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployments. Setting up Staging/QA and Production pipelines with troubleshooting and management.

Cloud Migration

We specialize in large scale DC migration from onPrem to Cloud. Zero-downtime data migrations and capacity management for large scale distributed sql and nosql databases.

Cloud Optimization

Weather you are a startup or a corporate, its important to manage the bottom line. Our team has extensive experience in architecting and optimizing cloud solutions. Cost of our team pays for itself through savings.

Configuration Management and Monitoring

Chef, Ansible, Puppet, RackHD, SaltStack and others for Configuration management, Monitoring tools like splunk, kibana, op5 and others.

Cloud Management

Our team provides on-call services capable of resolving DNS, SSL, Infrastructure level issues. Setup alerts, verfiy, escalate and fix Network and application level load balancer issues. Team prepares site stability reports.

Software Dev and Prototyping

We offer range of software development services specialized in enterprise software, rapid prototyping your architecture in our test environments as well as fulfilling your performance and quality testing needs with benchmark metrics.

Tools and Technology

We use containerization tools like Kubernetes, Dockerswarm, Docker, Infrastructure creation and management tools like Terraform, Ansible, Chef, SaltStack, Puppet, Continuous deivery tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, TravisCI etc. We work with applications using Java, Node, PHP, Python, Rails, Angular, React. Its Tech we evolve fast or we go home. Thats how our team does it.

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Our people provide you the technical expertise that your business and product needs.


Our automated processed make it efficient and productive.


Our experience with different tools helps us to get you the best architecture.

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